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  • A great success with AnitaPass by Annette Mchugh. I was well prepared and confident after taking lessons with Annette. Truly a wonderful and expert driving instructor. Having had numerous lessons with other instructors and failing my manual exam, I believed I would never drive a manual car. However meeting Annette and booking with AnitaPass, my confidence grew and grew after each lesson. Annette is such a professional but also a fantastic personality. Her sense of humour and manner is second to none. She will put you at ease instantly and has great instructions. You will get constant advice and tips while driving and motivates you on points of improvement. Annette is methodical on teaching objectives and after each lesson you feel you have practiced and perfected a new driving skill. But I think above all, Annette is fun loving and will have you smiling and feeling relaxed throughout your driving experience . By my own experience and having failed with other instructors, i can not recommend highly enough how good Annette is as an instructor. AnitaPass is the best! Annette, thank you so much for your teaching and expertise. You are an awesome lady. Thank you for the freedom you have given me to drive in confidence!

    Padraig O’Sullivan

  • Annette of Anitapass has such a relaxed and friendly attitude towards teaching, I felt comfortable every time I stepped in the car. As I was not initially confident when driving, Annette let me move at my own pace, while always encouraging me to overcome challenges.She really helped me to improve by explaining how the car worked and how I could change how I was driving to make it easier and safer. When I first sat in the car, I didn't think I would ever pass but learning to drive with AnitaPass has given me so much confidence and I was very happy to pass first time. Thank you Annette!

    Esme M

  • So happy I passed my test yesterday!! Annette is a brilliant driving instructor, who gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to pass my test. She is so patient and calm, every lesson I had with Annette was enjoyable. Thank you so much for your support. I would recommend Annette to everyone!!

    Jade B

  • have just passed my driving test first time with Annette and she is lovely!! I wouldn't have even been that upset if I didn't pass because I really enjoyed my lessons!

    Laura Barnes

  • Anitapass is an excellent driving school! Very encouraging and always building up your confidence. She is very patient and calm when teaching you new skills. Always a lesson to look forward to as provided enjoyment. Never made driving feel daunting! Would highly recommend to any new drivers! :)


  • I just passed my test (3rd time lucky!!!) and couldn't be happier! The instruction I received from Annete was brilliant; I couldn't have asked for anything better! Thank you so so much


  • I would like to say that time spent with Annette my instructor was a productive session,she is very patient, tolerant and a good instructor, it's a shame I had to relocate , but I will give 100% recommendations to anyone needing an experienced, patient and friendly driving instructor. Trust me you are in it to pass once if you can listen to her genuine guidance and instruction. Thank you for your help and support .

    Mary Monehin

  • Probably the best driving instructor in Hampshire!! I had a few instructors before meeting Annette, and I really notice how different she is from other instructors. She's always been really patient and kind with me, not only has she helped me in my driving but also in my self-belief and self-confidence. Her style of teaching is great too, she explains things in a way you can understand and doesn't get frustrated if you don't get it first time. Never fails to make me laugh either. Always leave my lessons with a smile on my face. She's a top quality instructor!


  • So, I first had lessons when I was 18 and had a couple of bad experiences straight off which put me off driving completely. At the ripe old age of 33, I thought it time to get back behind the wheel and it is definitely true that the older you get the harder and scarier it is. Straight off, Annette was amazing, went through all the car functions etc and when we finally got going, it was horrendous and I was just as bad as I was at 18 but this time I had an instructor with patience of a saint. I am just going into my next 10 bulk lessons and feel I have made great progress and am super confident with Annette next to me. She calls me out when I cross my arms and tells me not to steer like Lewis Hamilton but that's what makes it a great experience. I have not a single doubt I will be passing my test this summer and then poor Annette has to deal with me for pass plus and motorway driving....YIKES haha!! "Cannot recommend her enough!! " Update I Passed !!!!!


  • Annette helped me emotionally and physically through my driving lessons. She coached me and got me confident driving and taught me the life skill that I needed and extra to keep me safely driving on the road. She got me through my driving test and not only was she my instructor she was my friend. Over the time she was instructing me I learned a lot from her and built an incredible friendship. I went through a few instructors before Annette and she built me with confidence and I remained with her until I passed my driving test. I can recommend her to anyone

    Jade D

  • Annette is an amazing driving instructor very professional and made me feel at ease from the first lesson. After having a few previous instructors I was ready to give up but Annette has given me the confidence to pass my test


  • "Driving with Annette was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. She is professional, reliable and friendly and her care for you as a driver shines through in each lesson. It was a pleasure being taught by her."


  • Annette taught me almost intensively for 2 months. I was trying to pass in a very quick time frame and she tried very hard to accommodate me in her schedule. I know that she understands lots of people have tricky working hours so she is ready to take classes where she can. She always came on time and was hugely reliable never cancelling a class. She is very professional but personable and made me feel very relaxed straight away. She has good knowledge of the less crowded routes in the area and will always be on hand to give advice should you need it. I should also mention that the car is very comfortable and straight forward to drive as well


  • "I'd already failed my driving test three times before starting lessons with Annette and I was half-convinced I'd never manage it. Driving had become a huge source of anxiety for me and I really struggled to relax enough to focus. Annette is an absolute star though, and with her supreme patience and good humour I managed to find my confidence and even - eventually! - come to enjoy driving! I passed my first test since starting with her and we both burst into tears of happiness when the examiner said I'd done it. I'm so grateful to Annette and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to learn."


  • Would definitely recommend Anette! I passed my test today, all thanks to my instructor! She really couldn’t do enough for you and has your best interests at heart! She explains everything so clearly and I never felt afraid to ask a question. Thankyou